AmeriGlide Vesta Stair Lift Review

AmeriGlide Vesta Stair LiftThe AmeriGlide Vesta comes with a lot of pros right off the bat. The seat is roomy, well-padded and covered in a leather-like material. The gears that drive it provide a smooth start, ride, and stop. The comfortable seat is adjustable to fit your height and swivels to 45° in order to offer easy entry and exit. To add to the convenience, the handheld wireless send/receive controllers sit on the wall in a holder at both the top and bottom of the stairs. It folds up when not in use to minimize the space it takes up. Cosmetically, this is one of the better stair lifts. The unit itself is less blocky and more aesthetically pleasing, with a painted track that fits with most home decors.

The cons are few but good to know about. Improper installation could present a problem for those who have issues standing from a sitting position. Thus, getting the correct track length is crucial. Apart from that, some users might mind that the casing is made out of plastic, not aluminum like some others. That last potential downside is that because the drive is rack and pinion, it has a computer motherboard that drives it. In the unlikely event that there’s a problem with it, it is more complicated to fix than a simple cable-driven system.

Overall, the Vesta has a lot of positives.
A good buy for the money, since it starts at $1,749 (NEW).

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  2. Michael says:

    A great post and review of this stairlift. It can be such a complicated decision to make sure that you get the right one with all the right features that fit in the right location.

    Luckily there are companies out there who offer a friendly and professional services that can take away a lot of the headaches!

  3. Ian says:

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