Mobility Scooters – Safety and Precautionary Tips

Mobility scooters are a great help and relief for people with limited mobility. However, it is important to follow safety precautions as these scooters are used to drive on roads as well.

The most basic safety precaution is to read and understand the user manual. Mobility scooters are lightweight vehicles and hence, susceptible to tipping if they are not used carefully while driving up ramps. The position of the scooter should be straight while maneuvering an incline.

For enhanced safety, ensure that your scooter has a tip-safety measure installed in it. Further, make sure that the scooter is fitted with headlights and rearview mirrors. A flash beacon can also be very useful. When you climb onto the scooter, sit straight and comfortably. Arrange the level of the handle such that it is suitable for your height.

When you get off the scooter, check the lock, lock the swivel seat and secure breaks. If you are parking on an incline, make sure that the anti-skid brakes or regenerative brakes are in place.


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